Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bringing Down the Houses

Sometimes it feels odd to be working downward toward the roofs.


Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

This is looking just have some of the Chateline Designs myself but yet have to stitch them. This is looking really good. It looks like you are almost done with this one.

Linda said...

I love this piece. It is absolutely gorgeous. Wish I could do them.


Lizzy Pizzy said...

(even though I am commenting from Australia) I agree, it does play tricks with your mind when you are stitching buildings (and other stuff) up-side-down - LOL.
I had he hardest time stitching a piece that had text in a foreign (to me) language... just couldn't let go of the fact it was text and stitch it by counting like any other design/pattern. Kept trying to make the letters look like English - go figure?
Liz of Oz x

Meg said...

Hey, I stitched upside down in the same sense for two years, living in Uruguay! It didn't feel upside down, though.... thank you all for the comments. I'm currently on part eight of twelve, so I'm getting there on being done.