Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Old Time Tools of Distilling

On President's Day, the embassy organized a trip to Transnistria for us.  Transnistria is a country-that-isn't.  This particular part of Moldova operates completely independently and has tried to be its own country or part of Russia.  Most people who live there are ethnically Russian, and the economy is still communist, although it is loosening some.

We went there to go shopping and to see where they make the local version of cognac.  The first room they showed us was their "sports room".  The sports will come tomorrow.  Today, the pictures are of the older machinery they kept - really old, hand cranked stuff.  I'm glad it's not so taxing to make these days.  The name of the distillery is Kvint, if you want to find more out about it.

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Beth in IL said...

Thanks for the photos. Always fun to see new places and things.