Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hanul Lui Hanganu

Last weekend, we got away from the city and went to the village of Lalova.  It's about a two hour drive from Chisinau, mainly because many kilometers of the road are unpaved and rutted.  The reason for the trip was to give our dogsitter time overnight with Mattie the Sharr mountain dog before we leave on Wednesday for a trip to the US.  They did very well together, and everything's set for us to leave.

In the meantime, pictures of Hanul lui Hanganu, the hotel where we stayed.  It's a small place, and somewhat hard to find in the village.  There's no sign outside at all.  Nor inside, for that matter.  You walk in, wander around to the kitchen, and are greeted by first name (in Russian, then Romanian), then asked when you want to eat the next meal - lunch in our case, even though it was after two!  No English spoken, but signing works very well.  They're ultra friendly.

The top picture is the view from the outside patio.  The river is the Dniester (Nistru), an the opposite shore is the rump state of Transnistria.  Second picture is from the same area, closer up.  Third is a part of the courtyard of the hotel.  More pictures in the next few days.

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