Thursday, February 28, 2013

La Placinte For Dinner

 On a recent Sunday afternoon, we went to a late lunch/early dinner at La Placinte.  This was not the location we usually go to, but the food was the same.  Andreas had salad and I had soup.  Both were good.  We got a picture of someone else's fried potatoes - we were there with two other families - and  the yellow half sphere is mamaliga.  My roast chicken was dry as dust and not very flavorful.  It's something I will not order again.  The placinte with cheese was good and greasy as usual.


~T~ said...

I don't mind going to La Placinte sometimes but the food can be disappointing. I still go there with the family and we started to get used to it. Once a month, it's ok even with that Mamalyga Tocana. With little kids, it's nice to go there because the rooms are bright and fun and the service is fast! I'm so excited to find another blog that posts some reviews on things and places in Chisinau!! I wish I could do stitching like you. I used to do some when I was little, but since kids, I can only manage blogging!

Meg Welch said...

Ever since I started the blog, I've done both stitching and local interest stuff. It's kind of a scrapbook for me.

We went to La Placinte because the other families have kids. It's definitely not my favorite place. Have you tried El Greko for kid friendliness? They have a back room with a TV that they'll put cartoons on. The staff doesn't mind kids running back and forth and back and forth to the bathroom, either.

Ah well... we usually go out with adults only. It's best to train my husband how to act around children anyway!