Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Golden Stag - Or Name That Animal

Back in the beginning of February we went to The Golden Stag.  It's a tiny restaurant in downtown Chisinau, and our party of ten almost filled it.  We ordered most things ahead so the kitchen could cope.  This restaurant is unusual in that it specializes in wild game.  The experience was unique and wonderful, as was the food.  

I personally tasted deviled quail eggs, several kinds of pickled mushrooms, snails, smoked bear meat, rabbit soup, and pheasant in pineapple sauce.  There were caviar, duck, wild boar, and sundry other dishes on the table.  The food tasted good, especially things like the pheasant and the duck.  The bear tasted more smoky than different from other meats.  We'll be back eventually.  Not only is the place small, it's probably one of the most expensive in town.  That means it's the price of a nice middling restaurant in the US.

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Margaret said...

I do like the leaf shaped plates.