Friday, March 28, 2014

Ukranian Food!

 What better way to support Ukraine than to go to a Ukrainian restaurant?  That's what we did as a group early this month as we went to Hutorok on Vasile Alecsandri street here in Chisinau.  The food was awesome, especially if you like pickled apples and watermelon.  Several people had rabbit, which they all gobbled up.  Andreas was one of them.  He also had a Greek salad.  The salads aren't as good as the summer because we're on the last part of lack of veggie season.  I had a beautiful smooth and creamy mushroom soup and chicken.  For some reason, there isn't a photo of my main course.  I also got and shared bacon wrapped fried cheese.  Talk about something that should be done more often....

And the desserts (the last three photos) were enough to come by for themselves.  I had cherry pierogies.  I love fruit flavored pierogies.  I'm not at all fond of the savory ones.  We'll definitely be back.

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