Saturday, February 07, 2015

Out With The Tysons

Yay, Pegas now has glintwein!  There's nothing like glintwein to warm you up on a cold winter evening.  We were out with the Tysons there; I think Pegas has become their favorite restaurant.  There are a lot of pictures because there were many people eating.  I had zeama, another warming thing.  People here use it as a hangover cure.

Two people had spinach cream soup.  They loved it.  I'm not fond of that kind of soup, so I'll trust them.  We also had cheese and meat platters.  The dip on the cheese plate was cherry.  

This photo looks like bacon, but it's duck breast with raspberry sauce.  Mashed potatoes below.

Steaks are always a good choice at Pegas.  And cappucino afterwards finishes off the meal, unless you're my husband who prefers "hot chocolate," which means heated up chocolate sauce.

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