Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The Silk Mill Saga

I was given a gift certificate to The Silk Mill, a wonderful French/English thread company based in southern France.  When I went to spend some of it, the website had major troubles with the redemption.  I emailed back and forth and, while they were unable to fix it at the time, they managed to get everything to go through by hand and sent me a package in December, with a couple of things extra in it for my patience.  The package got lost.  Instead of being directed through US DPO mail, the DPO saw the word "Kosovo" on the bottom and resent it to Kosovo mail.  It sat in Ferizaj, the city with the NATO base in it, for a couple of months.  DPO has a history of misshipping things.  I have had some items sit on aircraft carriers for months.  Silk Mill was going to send me a replacement package, but I kept saying to wait.  Lucky I did.  In mid-March it was returned to them, completely intact.  
I gave Silk Mill my alternate address, the pouch one, and they repackaged and readdressed everything and sent it there.  Three weeks later, this is what I received.  They had put in even more things in it.  Wow!  I love their silk.  It's vibrant and beautiful to work with. There are also over 700 colors. Yay, and thank you!  It all arrived safe and sound finally.

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