Sunday, March 01, 2020

Goblin Games

We were looking for a (somewhat) local game shop we could support. Unfortunately, the only game shop in Skopje is not it. We were disappointed with Goblin Games the minute we walked in on a Saturday afternoon and the shopkeeper kept talking football with his friend instead of engaging with us. One of us even understands Serbian, so the language barrier would have been minimal. Instead, we spent fifteen minutes wandering around the tiny shop, looking at the Yugi-Oh! tournament and at the MTG tournament on the television. We eventually bought a puzzle more out of pity than anything else. At no point did anyone in the store engage with us. No one. This is how game stores die. Even ones with a Balkans monopoly. It doesn't take long to say hello. Or Zdravo. Or anything else. And it can result in a lot of sales.

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