Sunday, March 01, 2020

Life Changers

On August 10th last year, I took Grayson on a walk. A tiny black and white blur came barreling toward us, from nearly 200 meters away. I thought surely there would be an owner coming after. There wasn't. She ran right to Grayson and he comforted her. I picked her up and we went back home. Gave the tiny puppy to Andreas and continued our walk. About halfway through, one of the neighbor kids told me of her brother under a hedge. Grayson got the brother out and comforted him, too. We walked back home with another puppy. We were sure we'd get them adopted, but Grayson latched on to the puppies like he was their father. Completely changed his behavior and became more responsible overnight, despite being only seven months old himself. So now we have four dogs. And two dog sitters.

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