Sunday, February 23, 2014

Frou Frou Food

 On our drive from Texas to Tennessee, we were required to make a detour to Shreveport for lunch.  The lunch was at Fred's, a frou frou pizza and sandwich place.  It's another one of those restaurants that pretends to be more than it is.  I had the pumpkin soup, which tasted like it had some chili powder in it - not bad, but not what I really wanted in pumpkin soup - and a sandwich.  The sandwich was because there was no pizza I could find that I would have liked.  If you're going to run a pizza place, you should at least have one "pick your own toppings from below" choice on the menu.  The sandwich was greasy, which wasn't a surprise because it was cheese and salami in a panini (no choices on the sandwiches either).  Andreas' salad was good - I ate some of the actual green stuff, since he avoids it.  He also liked his pizza.

The service was good and the atmosphere noisy, but it was the end of the lunch hour. 

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