Monday, April 02, 2007

Goldwork - Silk and Metal GcC

For some reason, the background fabric looks really yellow in these pictures, but you can still see the progress I've made. Tomorrow I'll be filling in the flower petals with couching. There's still a chance of me finishing this before I go to France; otherwise, I'll have to fit the frame in my suitcase. I have until the end of July to get this done. I really want it done before that.


Kali said...

Coming along great! Can't see the filling stitches as they go in :)

The Silver Thistle said...

Over the years I've once or twice thought about trying goldwork when I've seen other people's work and been inspired. Haven't ever tried yet, but your work is very inspiring..........maybe this is my year to try goldwork, lol.

Lovely piece

Meg said...

Try the goldwork. You can go to and download some free patterns. They also have suppliers for you and the directions they provided for my first project were much better than the ones for this one. It's the basic little things, like ... if all these golden threads aren't labeled, how am I to tell which one is what? Also, English goldwork uses thicker cords, so it's a bit less fussy. If you need encouragement, I'll cheerleader.