Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Started Edging

This week, I started a new part of the purse - I'm beading the edges. Talk about tedious! I have two rounds of it to go, and in the picture, when you look at it full size, I've got most of one side done. The instructions said to do it all in black beads, but I decided the foundation beads would be silver with black connector beads across them. So far, it looks good. I didn't get to make the strap any longer this week, though.

Since taking the picture, I've both lengthened the strap some and edged the first round across most of the flap. I doubt I'll make more progress on it before the next picture, but at least it's coming along.


The Silver Thistle said...

It certainly is coming along! It looks fab!

Meg said...

Thank you!