Saturday, September 01, 2007

Florentine Fantasy Framed

I finished my version of Lorretta Spears' Florentine Fantasy last fall or winter. It took this long to frame it because my daughter, who picked the colors and is the recipient of it, had to paint the frame. I think she did a good job. My husband put this together before we left for the ANG seminar last Tuesday.


Mindi said...

Oh! I love this. I have a couple of Loretta Spears designs, but never saw this one. I think she sort of disappeared when I took my very extended break from stitching. The frame looks fantastic and matches the stitching so well.

Anonymous said...

This is very unusual. I have never heard of Loretta we clearly don't broaden our horizens enough in the UK. The frame looks great also.

Meg said...

Thanks, both of you! Ms. Spears is deceased and her family have decided not to keep her charts in publication, so they're hard to find. The one that most people know by her is called Bargello Symphony. I way changed the colors on the original. It was all pastel-y. My daughter loved the design, but she's definitely NOT a pastel person.