Friday, September 14, 2007


I'm still not sure I've counted right for the corners. There's really nothing to register them against and the backstitching is weirdly counted because of the single thread on the outline bit. Part three really doesn't help. It doesn't have any part of part two to register against on the chart. I may go ahead and do all of part three, then hope part four has tiny bits of both to place part two correctly. It's not like I'm keeping up with the chart, anyway. I still like the look of it on this fabric a lot and this is the first problem of this kind I've had with any of this designer's charts.


Gina said...

Just a note that may help: Many of us TTM stitchers have noted that it's easier to do part 2 if you first do part 3. If not, the counting is very tricky. Hope this helps. Great fabric...what is it?

Anonymous said...

I too was going to ask what your pretty fabric is.

I've not had the opportunity to stitch a Chatelaine nor have I ever seen what her charts look like, but would it help to do a small section of a 10x10 grid to move outward?

Meg said...

Yes, that's what I had decided before posting. I've already started part 3. The fabric is Carnival by Picture This Plus.

Alison - the grid thing isn't really needed because her charts go from the center out as she gives them out in parts. The problem with parts 2 and 3 is that there is no overlap - she didn't show a single stitch of part 2 on part 3, so it makes it very hard to be confident you've lined up part 2 properly.