Thursday, September 06, 2007

Seashell Done

The picture on the bottom shows this seashell last Friday night. The one on top is last night. I'll be mailing it out today. It's another one on my sealife round robin, for Nicola in Australia. She wants to have all these motifs stitched on separate pieces of fabric and then make them into pillows for a charity. It was another piece on Aida, and my fingers paid for it! Since Aida is so stiff, I tend to use the stab stick method of stitching, which means I slow down and I end up sticking my fingers often. Even with a blunt tapestry needle, it hurts! This piece also counts toward my project challenge.


Deb said...

Meg, your shell is lovely. One of these days, your fingers will get used to your stab method of stitching, mine did! LOL It's really one of the faster ways to stitch!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Congrats! It looks great finished.
Yep, DH doesn't believe it, but it seems to hurt more to stab with a tapestry needle than a sharp.
Lynn in southern NJ

Meg said...

I do stab stitch some things and they don't hurt, but for some reason the stiffness of the Aida was making my fingers hurt more. At least the Aida I'm working with now on the current round robin piece is a bit softer.