Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fairy Done

Decided that this wasn't much stitching, so when it came up in the rotation today, I just finished it. It'll be going out in the mail tomorrow. The piece was really easy and wasn't nearly as weird as some of the ones in this round robin I've stitched. It looks, though, like this group is going to disband before the end - three of the twelve people have pulled out. I -hope- I get my Lizzie Kate piece. I'm beginning to think that I just can't do round robins in English and cross stitch and expect to get them worked all the way through.


Sue said...

Hey Meg I am in your group from this rr. I know what you mean. I am hoping to continue with the calendar one until it has finished. I love doing round robins but have got a little fed up with the way the groups have been running and not going a smoothly as they should due to some members keeping pieces longer than necessary. anyway that's my moan.

Ps I love the work that you are doing and have been watching the progress of you pieces .

Happy stitching


Angela said...

Can I ask where it is that you sign up for your cross stitch RR's, I've just gotten back into cross stitching after a couple years break and it would be fun to do a RR I think.