Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's an Oval

This week, I was -one- jessica from finishing this when I realized I was -one- thread off two thirds of the way around ago. After muttering several curses to the stitching gods and frogging all the way back to the offending jessica, I decided I had enough of this particular area and spent three hours straight completing the oval. Don't you hate when you're off and it's a symmetrical design and would be noticed for placing everything else?
I still need to put the big stitches inside and fill in the jessicas, but I think getting that whole outline done is something to be proud of, especially since it's made with really slippery rayon.

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SueB said...

this is absolutely beautiful and would go SO NICELY in my boys' bathroom, where I've decorated with an ocean theme ... speaking of which, I've had some fish in 90% finished mode for ages now that I should finish and hang there!
looking forward to seeing the finished product,
- SueB of