Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fiddling Around the Edges

When I got this block to add to, I was intimidated by the beautiful work of the previous person. She did such a lovely rose bouquet and her seam treatments were excellent. So was her butterfly. So I decided to embellish the doily. Figured that was a safe thing to do. You can see close ups of the areas I worked on in the next few photos.

After I did the doily, I put a little flower next to it. The larger flower is spiderweb, and the second one is just straight stitches in a circle. They look pretty good, I think.

Since there was so much lace on the other side of the block, I decided to balance it out with some more on the lower left. I crocheted the edging with some thread I had around with sparkly in it, then added the two daisies.

In this picture you really see the nice work done by Jill. What I did is barely visible. I added beads and bullion roses to the lace in the upper left and some sequins to the seam by the doily. I know the next person will do some wonderful things with this.


Melissa said...

Hi Meg,
BEAUTIFUL bullion roses you added I just LOVE them! Thank you SO much! OH and I noticed on the first photo of this post my address is showing could you please crop the photo? Thank you So much!

Melissa said...

Don't forget to crop this one too! Thanks!

Meg said...

Fixed this one too. I'm sorry about that. I didn't even realize it was in the corner, as I was looking at the block itself.

Melissa said...

No prob I understand it is hard to catch things like that! Thanks SO much for fixing them you are a doll!