Monday, May 05, 2008

An Explanation of My Rotation

I'm writing this because someone asked. It comes with the warning that I have, on occasion, violated my rotation rules. So, what I do. I pick one project that I work on every single day. For the past couple of months, that's been Lady of the Flag. This is the one I want to move forward the most, get things done on, and so forth. Then I list nine other projects I'm working on on a sticky note. I work two lengths of floss or thread (sometimes slightly more) on each, in order. When I get one done, I relist the eight, putting them in the same order sans the completed one. I then add another project to the bottom. I do try to keep at least one short term project in my rotation so I feel like I'm getting things done. Right now, my rotation is loaded down with biiiig projects, so I feel bogged down sometimes.

I'll be doing the same in Europe when I go next week, but I'm leaving some of my current projects home due to bulk and weight considerations. Lady of the Flag will still be my daily project, and I'll write my actual sticky note list when I get there.

I hope that makes sense to people. I know it's not for everyone, but it works for me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation Meg. I should have been able to figure it out based on your blog entries I guess. Have a lovely time in Europe.


Anonymous said...

I was also wondering about your rotation, so I appreciate your explanation. I'm just wondering how you store all your WIP's. I have several on the go as well, but I find I get to where I dread moving on to the next project because I have to dig it out of whatever bag I have it in. Just curious!

And I do love all your projects-your blog is one I anticipate seeing a post to because I love to see the progress of each project!

Have fun in Europe!

Meg said...

You're welcome! And I store my WIP's in huge Ziploc bags. They contain everything related to the project in them. Then all the bags are put into a Rubbermaid bin next to my stitching area. That way, when I switch projects, all I have to do is pop everything into the bag and put it in the bin and pull out another. The Ziplocs are great because they're both large and see through.