Wednesday, June 03, 2009

One More Row

One more row is done on this, in each of the four quadrants. The small areas are going to have another kind of stitch in them, though the color blending continues toward the center. I'm going to be working on this today. Yay.


stitchenmylifeaway said...

Gorgeous! What lovely colors. How did you get started one these. They are so pretty.

Kielrain said...

I love these so much... but when I looked into getting them they were already unavaliable.

I will just have to live through your wonderful pictures!

Meg said...

They are through a yahoogroup called "Dodecagon Ornaments". You can search and find it. I got in on the second round. It's now on the third! I'm just a very slow stitcher. When I got in on the second round, I had to double up for a while to catch up on the buying.

Maureen said...

This is coming together so beautifully - love keeping up with your work