Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What to do With an Old Container

This tin originally held a watch for one of my sons. It's not quite square, and I saved it because I thought it'd be useful some day. Some day came. I signed up for an altoid tin cover exchange with Crazy Quilting International. And so - I covered it!

The top is all one piece because I picked out the blackwork pattern before the tin. Then I found the tin to fit it. I didn't buy anything for the project except the two pieces of ribbon around the outer edge.
The inside papers were marbled by me a few years ago when I did it on a regular basis. This particular set has always been one of my favorites.

And here is the tin from the side. I really like the effect of the two layers of ribbon on it. I hope the person I'm sending to likes it too.

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quiltlion said...

Awesome tin! You do some beautiful work! Lyn G