Monday, June 15, 2009

A Rather Bright Temari

This is the third and last temari for Kosovo. That sounds like some kind of clothes drive, doesn't it? Oh well, it's the end. This one is very different because I used the Bunka thread I got from in Japan. The Bunka thread is soooo different from anything else I used. It's a nylon chainette (that surprisingly doesn't ravel, thankfully) and doesn't lay like perle.

The reason the colors are so different on this one is that I had ordered two assortments of the thread - one variegated and the other solids. This used one of the variegateds and three of the solids. You'd think in an assortment of eight colors, some would like ... be compatible. They weren't really. So I decided to go Mexican.

It came out better than I feared, but it's certainly not like any of the other temari I've made. I wonder if that's a good or bad thing.


DJ said...

Hi Meg! Took a look at your blog, you have some really nice pieces shown here! Your Temari's are lovely! It's so much fun peeking at the talent we have in our group! Thanks for sharing! *Hugs* DJ

glenda said...

Ok, ok, enough. I now have to go an find where I put Barb's book and do some more Temari. I have been resisting, like I really need to put something else in my queue. It's all your fault, I hold you fully responsible.

Meg said...

Thank you both, and at least temari are quick to do... it could be worse and I could have lured you into goldwork or something!