Monday, August 24, 2009

Zentangle Done

I finished Zentangle this week! The colors are all ones I normally wouldn't pick. I got them in grab bags from Hand Dyed Fibers, and decided to use them on this project. I think it worked. I learned how much I rely on overlapping areas on multi-page charts with this project -there were none until the last couple of parts. I know it's to be framed, but I don't know how it's going to be framed yet.


Maureen said...

Great finish Meg - i think the colours work really well with this.

Meg said...

Thank you!

deb said...

Just stumbled across your blog searching for Zentangle info... your needlework Zentangle is lovely!

Mimi's Kid said...

OK, this has been haunting me - is there any way to get this design? I really, really, love it!!!

Meg Welch said...

I believe Elke Reiss, the designer, is selling it on her site. Her blog is : Hope that helps!

Kimberly~~~ said...

It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can you please tell me the name of the German Yahoo group? I searched and it said not found and I would like to find this design. The blog you listed does not have the info. Thank you

Meg Welch said...

Kimberly- the group is Sticklounge, BUT the design is no longer offered through them. They have time limits on the designs and return them to the designers. Elke Reiss designed the Zentangle, and she might have it for sale on her site.

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