Sunday, August 09, 2009

Next to Last

I completed the next to last part of Zentangle. One more section and it'll be done. The Marquoir group will be starting another Zentangle some time in the autumn. We haven't seen the design yet. I should be able to get this done once I finish up the part of the Kaleidoscope mandala I'm working on. I'm finishing only about a month and a half behind the people who completed it on time. Not bad for me.


omashee aka Barb said...

Meg, this is so beautifully different! Is this your German group that is going to start another or is is Marquoir? I'd sure join in if it's possible.

Teresa said...

This is really beautiful- I love the colors!

Meg said...

Yes, Barb, it's still the Marquoir group on The designer will be the same, but she hasn't shown us what the next one is yet. To join in, just join the group and ask to stitch. And thank you both for the compliments!