Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Stitchalong Start

Marquoir has a lot going on these days, and here's a part of it. It's called Herz Rot-Weiss, but as you can see, I changed the colors. This is the first of many sections, and I'm halfway through it. Silkweaver solo fabric and Vikki Clayton's silks. I like the way they look together. Anyway, it's in my rotation now and I'll be keeping up with it as well as I can.


Unknown said...

Nice beginning! Can you post the link to the pattern?

Meg said...

I can't give you a direct link because it's in a private Yahoo group, but you can join the group. Look on in groups for Marquoir, and join that group to get the chart. The charts are mailed privately and you don't get the next part until you've shown a picture of your completed previous work.