Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Knocking Down the Door

Still working on the door this week; I've almost got all the top done, and the middle squares are almost done too. I'll be working on finishing them and getting the bottom progressed this week.


Deb said...

Watching your progress on this is making my skin itch (in a good way). I want to start this one so bad after seeing yours.

Anonymous said...

I look at your blog every day and just drool all over myself. You do absolutely GORGEOUS work.
How do you find time to stitch every day?
Do you set a goal per day or simply stitch a few stitches on different projects. I need to follow your example!! TeeHee
Lovely -- just stunning.
Bobbie (no blog)

Meg said...

Go ahead and start! It's relaxing to do and doesn't have a lot of confetti stitches. And Bobbie - thanks for reading and for the compliment on my work. If I don't get some stitching done every day, I get cranky, so I really try to put a few stitches into something. I do have a limit on the amount of stitches per project per day - two needles-ful of floss. When I get that done, I move on to something else. It's how I can get nearly everything worked on every week.