Monday, August 10, 2009

Still the Door

This week, it was still the door, but it's -really- almost done this time. My stitching on this in the coming week won't include the door. Besides the dark gray, I did some of the brick color at the very bottom of the piece. This means I've completed another column on the chart and go back to the top and see what's next.


Gill said...

Hang in there it WILL be completed!

Kristen in Carolina said...

Lovely Work Meg! I am also working on this one, but I started at the top, blue blue! Can't wait to see more! :0)

Meg said...

Thanks! And I started on the upper left, so it was all blue for a while too. It'll get better and you'll get to change colors. Now off to stitch some more ... but not the door!