Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 Goal Review

These were my goals for 2009.  I'm reporting my progress on them before committing to anything for 2010.

1. Finish Medieval Town Mandala. Doable, probably.

Well, I got two more parts done.  I'm now starting part seven, so progress, but no where near done.2. Make significant progress on my other Chatelaines, including finishing Workshop 1.
I did finish Workshop 1 - and Workshop 2, also.  I also completed the Baroque Midi Mystery.  Tuscany Town Mandala is still only on Part 4, but does have a lot more stitching done on it.

3. Complete Diamond Iris, an ANG Chapter Project Book project - this MUST be done by July 1, as I'm teaching it for CyberPointers.
This one wasn't even started.  CyberPointers and I parted on - not the best of terms.

4. Complete Midnight Garden by Orna Willis - the stitchalong I'm leading for CyberPointers. It starts Saturday.
I did complete this, and Timothy framed it for me!

5. Finish Bibendum.
It's done and in the process of being framed.

6. Make 20 ornaments. These will probably be mostly temari.
I don't think I quite made it to twenty, but the majority were mostly temari and mostly in December.

7. Complete Cobblefield Road - this should be quick, as I'm about nine tenths of the way there.
Finished and framed.
8. Make a stocking for my husband.
This one wasn't started due to the Chatelaines taking so long.  Timothy will get his stocking, and I will start it this year.

9. Work The Traveler by Teresa Wentzler and the house by Barbara and Cheryl into my rotation.
I managed to work the Barbara and Cheryl house (Church Street) into my rotation.  Still haven't been able to fit in The Traveler.  It's waiting there, though.

10. Complete Lady of the Flag.
Not complete, but about 80 to 90% done.  Getting there.
11. Do one crewel piece and one goldwork piece.
Didn't manage to add either one of  these to my rotation.

12. Make myself a purse.
Not even started.
13. Keep my rotation to ten pieces, no more.
This one I accomplished, kind of.  There are ten slots in the rotation - it's just that all the stitchalongs from the Marquoir group take up one of the slots and rotate within it.

14. Finish at least two UFO's and old WIP's.
Did this.

15. Reduce my stash significantly.
I did reduce the size by quite a bit.
Overall, I did all right.  Not brilliantly, and definitely not as much as I wanted to.  But better than in some years.


Gill said...

You have justified yourself well. Are you going to post your goals for this year? I only completed two projects in 2009 and they are as yet unframed!

Meg said...

You'll get there.