Sunday, January 31, 2010

Momosapiens - Carnaval is Here

I've been wanting to get this video up all week, but we have a hard time uploading so much content over rather small bandwidth.  It finally worked today!  Did you know that Uruguay has the longest Carnaval in the world?  It runs a full forty days here, as long as Lent.  Anyway... to get on to what this is. 

Last Sunday, we went to the Marine House to watch a Carnaval group.  We were told it was a group of performers who would be competing for the top in one of the categories.  The picture was of the typical Rio de Janeiro thing - dancing girls with huge headdresses wearing barely anything.  What we got were the Momosapiens, a parodista group that's all male and fantastic.  Imagine, if you will two dozen plus men with regular day jobs who dance and sing as a sideline.  Then imagine them dancing at a concrete poolside that they've never danced on before - with a fence six to seven feet from the pool.  That's what you see here. 

Parodistas are one of five categories of performers who compete in Uruguay.  They have a huge following, and are groups that do three things - dance, sing, and pantomine.  All of it is supposed to be a comment on modern life.

I hope you like watching these guys as much as I did.  I'll try to put up a couple more of their videos in the next week.  All were from the said party at the pool.

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