Friday, January 07, 2011

Ball for Braeden

 Braeden, a friend's five year old, came over to dinner one day last month and was fascinated by me making a temari.  He learned the difference between a needle and a pin, and how a temari was marked.  So, what could I do but foster his interest by making him his own temari?  His favorite color is red, so I made red the dominant color for embroidery. 
He enjoyed it when I gave it to him and used it in the original intent - throwing it across the yard and playing catch.  It was holding up surprisingly well.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a child.Simple concept and beautiful, I am going to make some of those for my grandchildren and the great grandchildren. These are all under 7. the older kids and my kids already have plenty. Thanks for the beauty and simplicity.


Meg said...

Thanks! I wouldn't expect the ones used like this one to become heirlooms - we'd already had to wipe dirt off it a few times and such after an hour - but with that caveat of eventual (or even fairly quick) destruction, it's a good introduction to needlecraft for kids. On top of that, the balls are so customizable!