Friday, January 07, 2011

Gift from Sussy

Sussy gave me this wonderful magazine.  It's Labores en Hogar, and is a Spanish language needlecraft magazine.  If you see a copy, grab it.  They're very, very rare here in Uruguay, and full of wonderful projects.  Thank you so much, Sussy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg--Is this a new issue of this magazine? I used to subscribe, but was under the impression it had stopped publishing. Maybe they're back in business...I loved it, saved all my issues. Now I gotta go investigate if they are still around!

Carol S.

Meg said...

It's a year old issue, unfortunately. I love collecting foreign needlework magazines, and they keep going under! I'll be moving to Moldova soon, though, and there are a lot of new cross stitch magazines in Bulgaria and Russia. Only problem is they all use the Cyrillic alphabet. New language to learn!