Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy January #7 - Mersburg Castle

One thing about this Crazy January thing is that it's given me permission to rummage through my kits and start them.  Almost everything I'm doing is a kit.  This one I bought in Bulgaria for between four and five euros.  It was kitted by the shop I bought it from with German thread and this fabric that is already gridded.  The lines are every 20 threads.  Supposedly, they wash out.  The piece itself is a landscape of a castle in the Bulgarian countryside.  I am using tent stitch instead of cross stitch because of the thread coverage, and that I'm working it over one.  The thread is a Polish brand, Ariana.  It's as good as DMC so far, and the threads seem to be slightly more brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Meg. Do you have a photo of this design so I could see what it's going to look like when you finish it? I'd love to see it. Thanks so much! Ellen

Meg said...

Hello Ellen- you can see a picture in this post: . It also says how I bought it. Thank you for the comment!