Friday, November 16, 2012

At The Robin Pub

The Robin Pub tries to be an English pub in Chisinau.  It serves mainly Moldovan food, though.  The service was awful, even for Chisinau.  Cigarette smoke filled the air of the terrace, where we sat, and we almost left before the waiter deigned to notice us ten minutes after we sat down.

Overall, the food was worthy of a pub of the 1970's.  My soup and chicken were very, very bland to the point of tastelessness.  Andreas' meal was, according to him, better.  The Greek salad was merely okay, but the pork and apples was very good.  My onion rings were limp circles of previously frozen potential goodness.  They were definitely not crispy on the outside and were brought to the table cold.

I understand that the Robin Pub does things like wine tastings and tango nights.  They probably need them, as people would not come back for the food or service.

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