Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gaguz - Ethnic Food In Moldova

Moldova does have a few different ethnic groups.  One is the Gagauz, a Turkic Christian people who have their own language and whose second language is Russian.  They live in the region around Comrat and have an autonomous zone in the area.  We went to a restaurant here in Chisinau that specializes in Gagauz food called Ga-Guz.  This top dish is pickled red cabbage and onions, served cold.  No beets, although it looks like it!  The flavor was tart and crunchy.  I liked it; Andreas did not.  It's served no matter what you order.

The obligatory shop salad came covered in dill, but the cheese on it was wonderful.  The bread was fried and fluffy!  This is so unlike most Moldovan bread, and I loved it.  My soup was somewhat fatty, but full of meat and vegetables.  The meat was lamb. 

Andreas had the lamb kavurma, which is basically tocana but with lamb instead of pork.  It was also spicier and served with mamaligia.  I had a very tender and moist chicken dish that reminded me, spice-wise, of chicken cacciatore.  We will definitely be back!

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