Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Time To Spice Club

 Spice Club is a fairly new Sri Lankan restaurant here in Chisinau. A couple of Fridays ago, the usual Friday crowd decided to check it out.  My first impression of the drinks was "weird".  I ordered a mojito, in my quest to find the best, and they gave me one that used creme de menthe!  It was not really a mojito at all, so this one isn't going to be in the top tier for that.

The food was much, much better.  First up were a salad and fried cheese ordered by Andreas.  The salad had very little lettuce - just the way Andreas likes it.  The cheese needed something to dip it in.  

 Veggie spring rolls were crispy, light and delicious.  Not sure what the balsamic glaze over them was about, though.  I'm not sure what the appetizer below that was.

 The chicken curry was spicy for Moldova, and you could have plain white or fried rice with it.  Everyone who had it said it was good.  The rest of us had cashew chicken with various sides.  Megan had the glass noodles and black mushrooms; I had grilled veggies.  We all agreed it was good, but Andreas' only had two cashews and mine was a bit salty.

 Regan's banana dessert.  It looked really good, and their presentation was wonderful.  Two of us tried their "hot chocolate" and a couple of us had cappucinos.  The chocolate was the consistency of hot pudding and had various flavors.  The cappucino was good.  Overall, the restaurant is one we will go back to.  It's also really inexpensive!

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