Sunday, January 06, 2013

Lunch At Lowenbrau

When we got lost and found the Viktualenmarkt the first time, we decided on lunch.  There was a nice, warm-looking Lowenbrau tavern on the corner, so we went in.  I had this soup first, which was a clear beef broth with noodles in it.  Good and warm, but not much substance to it.  Unlike most soups of this type, it was not oversalted.  

 The mugs we'd collected that morning.  Truly, I didn't drink all of them!  Andreas had kinderpunsch in the large blue one.
 Beer, juice and water to drink in cool glasses.  I then had a cold meat platter, which was huge and very good.  Andreas had the wurst platter.  He also found it too big to eat in one sitting.

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