Thursday, April 09, 2015

Moldovan Italian Food

Trattoria Della Nonna is a local chain in Moldova.  They do Moldovan and Italian food.  We went to the one in the mall last month, and well... I kind of wish we hadn't.  The food was so bland and tasteless.  At least it's also inexpensive.  Andreas' caprese and shopski salads were good, although the caprese was drowned in olive oil.  He did like that it had a lot of olives on it, though.  

The bruschetta had plenty of tomatoes on it, but required more spices.  There was a distinct need of basil and I ended up salting it, too, which meant a lack of garlic. The tomatoes were typical of greenhouse around here, with less flavor than summer.  On the other hand, they were firm and fresh.

We both had different kinds of bolognese.  As you can see, the portions were fairly generous, but there wasn't even a tomato taste, let alone one of meat, in the sauce.  It had the right color, but I'm not sure what it's made of.  We probably will not be back because I can consistently make better Italian at home.

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