Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Chatelaines

As promised, I finished the metallic border around the area. Unfortunately, I didn't get much farther. I'm still not rid of Treasure Braid yet for a bit, as the triangular motifs inside are outlined in another color of Treasure Braid. There's some silk in the triangles, at least, and hopefully I'll be able to use it this week. On the Mystery, my goal for the week was a bit ambitious. On the other hand, I did get the top portion completely backstitched. Now I just need to do the bottom half. Maybe I'll get it done this week.


Anonymous said...

very pretty, what size cloth are you using? aida cloth?

Meg said...

It's linen for both. The light blue is 28 count and the grey (called twilight blue) is 32 count. Aida just doesn't work for Chatelaine stuff - she uses too many specialty stitches and tends to have her backstitches in the middle of the square sometimes. Thanks for looking!