Monday, October 30, 2006

Ribbons and Roses - Seminar Start

This is what I managed to accomplish in my two day seminar, titled Ribbons and Roses, by Deanna Powell. She taught it well and it will become a purse - but for now is out of the rotation until I can finish a project. I figured seven in rotation was enough for the moment, and probably too many. Anyway, this was a very good class for me. I'd never made bead "fabric" before, and got to learn the peyote stitch - her version - and it's not as hard as I thought. She uses two needles, which means you end up with less bulk on the side and less wasted thread. The small black square on the left is the beginning of the purse strap and the larger iridescent rectangle is one of the inside layers of the rose. The pink strip between the two is the finished outer layer of the rose - beaded pink organza. I've also started beading using a fly stitch down the areas where the ribbons join on the bag. I'm not sure I'll use fly stitch on all the seams, though.

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