Monday, October 16, 2006

Real Gold

As you can see, I finally got some real gold on my real piece. It was really fussy to do. Just before I posted this, I finished the crescent moon area in gold kid too. Now on to learn something else new for this. I believe they want me to do the stems next. I'm finding this quick going when I do it so far, but not as quick as crewel. It's definitely another tool in my box, though. I could see some applications in regular counted stitch pieces.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Meg -- WOW! I just caught up on your blog and saw that you're doing a goldwork piece. Looks good! APPLAUSE!
I'm going to be bringing my ICC pieces to Richmond for show&tell. Including the Lesson 3 WIP, and some of the threads, etc. to maybe work some on it while there. If you want to oogle it/them, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to type my name in the above.
This was/is Lynn, from southern NJ, and CyberStitchers EGA.
Sheesh, what a dip I can be sometimes....LOL

Meg said...

Thank you, Lynn! And yes, I'm looking forward to seeing them and you next week.