Monday, October 23, 2006

Two Finishes!

I didn't get much done this week - had to do a lot of extra kid running around in preparation for going to Seminar today. BUT ... I did finish two things! The red circular thing is called Charm and it's done on Picture This Plus fabric. You haven't seen it before because it was my purse project - the one I work on when I'm waiting for something. I'll be putting a butterfly charm in the middle and finising it as an ornament in the next week after Seminar. The other is the Loretta Spears Florentine Fantasy. I must have miscounted on the hearts downwards when I did the red one first, since they crowd up against the flower too much. Oh well - my daughter likes it and it's DONE. Now she and her father will frame it.


Anonymous said...

The Charm ornament is lovely - so elegant.

And I must agree with your daughter; I too, love your Florentine Fantasy. I think the hearts and flower look just fine - isn't it funny how our mis-counts seem so glaring to us, but no-one else even notices.

How was it, stitching on black!? I've only tried it once and I didn't enjoy it at all. Do you have any hints or tips for stitching on such a dark background?

Jane/Chilly Hollow said...

Meg, do you mind if I link to this posting and reuse your finished photograph of Florentine Fantasy on the new Loretta Spears blog? I'm trying to collect images and information about all her work there. I'm at chillyhollow at hotmail dot com and the site is

Thanks for considering this!

Meg said...

Already gave permission. Thanks for asking!