Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cobi's Block Finished

I finished up Cobi's block earlier this week. The top picture is of the overall block; I found it hard to add things, and ended up leaving one patch blank because of the way the bow tail went through it. Below are the bits I did.

I added the bee and the monogram in this picture. The bee is in several stitches with petite treasure braid and ribbon; the monogram is in three rows of stem stitch using silk.
In this one I did the herringbone stitch seam in ribbon and the bead and silk flower cluster. I guess doing that silk ribbon class has made me want to experiment some.

I did the bead seam treatment in this picture. It's a fly stitch with the spine in one color and the outliers in another. I like the effect and will use it again.

Another bee here, done in a different manner. I got the pattern for it from some Jacobean embroidery plates. The bee up top was one I sketched myself.

For this area, there was a print on the fabric that just needed some oomph, so I did some outlining and emphasis on it. The block was mailed back to Cobi yesterday. I hope she likes it when she gets it.

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