Thursday, April 24, 2008

She's a Blonde

I started in on the Lady's hair. She's blonde, and she's coming along a bit more now. The week was weird; I had a trip and I just cannot cross stitch on the roads here. They're too bumpy. So she's got progress, but not as much as a typical week. Much better than none at all, though.


Stitchingranny said...

You have just been so busy since I was last able to visit its taken me half an hour to go through lol. Your lady looks so much better with a head.

I have to remark on your beautiful ribbon work, I would so love to have a go at that. I have a lovely Victoria Sampler Chart and I keep putting off doing it because there is some ribbon work in it and I dont think I could do it.

Meg said...

Thank you! The ribbon is a LOT easier than it looks. It's just a few basic stitches. Do the chart, do what you're comfortable with, and then if you decide to opt out on the ribbon, just ... put something else there. Go for it!