Thursday, December 25, 2008

All Cracked Up

I opened my exchange Christmas crackers with all the other presents last night. They were fun and full of goodies! This top one is from Rose Ann. She pieced the pretty crazy quilt block and added three motifs to it. Then she stuffed lots of fabrics with unusual textures, some lace, and some threads in it. Oh, and lace and beads, too. Thanks, Rose Ann!

Lyn sent me a pretty medieval block with a lady in the middle. My daughter's already claimed it; it's getting made into a pillow for her once I'm done embellishing it. She spent about twenty minutes last night deciding what charms and stuff were going to go on it. Thanks, Lyn!

And I got this bunch of treats from Kerry - lots of glitzy fabrics and goodies inside, especially beads. I also got something called a mesh button maker. I've never heard of one, so I'm going to get to learn something new. Thank you!
I hope everyone who got what I sent likes their goodies, too.


kerrykatiecakes2 said...

Merry Christmas! Glad you liked your crackers. Let me know how the button maker works, k? Thanks!

quiltlion said...

I am glad that you liked your block, Glad that your daughter will enjoy it also! my daughter does the same thing with me! Merry Christmas! Lyn G

Rose Anne B said...

Lovely crackers Meg, aren't we lucky to have such awesome CQing friends? Enjoy.