Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another Crazy Round Robin

I had another seamy side block for that round robin. This one's Bonnie's. I think her block is beautiful and coming out wonderfully. My stitches for the month were feather stitch and Fargo rose.
I made this motif on the lightest piece of fabric using a kind of random laddering feather stitch and Fargo roses. I can tell I need more practice on them, but each one's unique and kind of fits with the idea I was going for - late autumn as the last leaves are falling. The ends without roses on them have little beads in gold or burgundy.

You can also see the outline B I did - in outline stitch, of course - in this picture, along with the vine of feather stitch with beaded flowers along the long seam. There's really not a lot of space for the last two stitchers on here. It's why I didn't add more.

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