Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I added grass to the mix this week. It was fun to be able to expand to either side for a bit. There are about five buildings on this side. I'll be adding in more of the flanking ones this coming week. By the way, Martina has this chart on her website now for sale if you want to try it.


Anonymous said...

Could you print a link to "Martha" since I'm not familiary with the name. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Meg, I just discovered your blog and I am enjoying looking at your projects.

I am a long time stitcher (many different types of needlework, including x-stitch, hardanger, knitting, smocking and French hand sewing (by hand)) but I am just becoming interested in needlepoint, My LNS is about an hour away, so most of my learning and shopping will be online. Can you recommend any books for the beginner?


Meg said...

Martina's website is http://chatelaine-design.de/newweb/ and as for books ... I don't have all that many. I've found that needlepoint charts tend to give you the way to make the stitches in the instructions, at least the good ones do. One book I'd recommend is A-Z of Needlepoint. It covers the basics well. Hope that helps! Also, you might want to check out Stitch of the Month on needlepoint.org. It has a lot of good, clear instructions.