Monday, February 01, 2010

An Antique Find

We were in Spanish class a week ago last Saturday when I found this in an antique market.  What?  Your language lessons don't include field trips?  For shame!  Our instructors believe in practicing the language you're learning, so we go on field trips.  This one was to Ciudad Vieja, the oldest part of Montevideo.  They have an antique market at Plaza Matriz every Saturday, and we were walking past after completing out asking people where things were, so we shopped before lunching.  My purchase was this purse, which I will be cleaning this week.  It's in excellent condition beading-wise, but the fabric's really dirty.  Hopefully it'll clean up neat.  You never know what you'll find there.


Gill said...

What a fabulous find. All the beading looks like it is intact and it will probably clean up very nicely. You could use it as a pattern for a new one. I remember that beautiful purse you made a couple of years ago!

Meg said...

It's soaking now. It's already a lot cleaner, but it looks like I'm going to have to replace the lining. Thanks!