Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bargello Done

Yes, I posted that I had finished this in my One World One Heart post on the 25th of January, but it wasn't stitchy.  So this is the real finish post.  I worked it beyond the markings so I'd not have any blank areas once I mounted it.  Today is the big mounting day using a way I've never done before - a premade metal form.  Wish me luck!


Jane said...

Dear Meg, I really enjoy seeing your work, and following the progress of all your projects. I wish I was as organized with mine!

I also enjoy reading your comments about Uruguay, have you ever said why you are living there? I lived in Argentina for 7 years in the 70s, so I am very interested in your experiences.


Jo said...

I love this Meg, its fantastic. Don't forget to post when you've mounted it so I can drool!

Meg said...

Thank you both! And no, I didn't say. I'm with a good friend who works for State.