Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thursday's Murgas

Murgas are a capella-ish singing groups that perform during Carnaval.  They consist of between twenty and thirty singers, a leader, two drummers and a cymbalist.  We saw two murga groups perform last Thursday.  This first one - I'm not sure if their costumes were supposed to be borg or homeless people or what.  They sang well, though.
This is a better picture of those costumes.
And this picture and the next are during the same group performing a song about showering in less than four minutes.  Really.

Here's a picture of the second group of Thursday evening.  They were, I believe, the better performers.  They also had a woman singing in there!  I'm not at all sure why the troupe leader is dressed as a Yanomamo, though.  At least it was a body stocking!

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Gabriela said...

Oh, I miss the Murgas!!!Thanks for sharing!